Empower social media is just a painful social media


I have joined empowr for few days as a fun and to gain money as they have claimed in their "social" site.

I have discovered that it is a very nice social media if you pay money to the person who owns this site.

In joining I was feeling like an angle in the sky to gain some cash 1:1 ration to USD.

While playing around, the site is designed in nice way but the end results is receiving email after email of many false promises of gaining money...

And once I have decided to press the empower button to verify my account, the message popped out saying that they will charge small amount of money and to be refunded ! great, No it is not, usually when such message is being sent form a reliable website for example they will ask for 0.5 USD at most, but this site was asking for xx USD.

also, for ny action you must pay to gain things you would normally do it in other sites freely such as steemit.

I have deleted now my account with empowr as I felt that it is a site to steal my money not to help me to gain money.

Also on today they deducted from my "fake earned balance" USD25 as for joining the club of upgrading to new level, good, it is not actually my money, it is the fake money they deposited in my empowr account, fair, but the thing is that, a recieved an email saying, that this time it is deducted from my balance and on next coming 11 months they will deduct 25 USD monthly from my visa card through pay pal ..OMG...

And on each time I log in, the pop up message says , pay to empower more and to have more power.

I need to earn money not to pay money ....

sorry to say this but ... DO NOT JOIN EMPOWR.

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