Want a weekend cupcake

Want a weekend cupcake

The holiday is a day for us many days. During this holiday we would like to spend the rest and laziness. Just like in the morning or in the afternoon a cup of coffee for a lot of coffee has been very tempting. And if there is no capschinow coffee on the list of choice then there is no word. But cappacino home! No recipe to know recipe.
Coffee - 1 tablespoon
Sugar - 2 tablespoons
Take coffee and sugar in a cup or mug, then once a spoon of tea spoon water and keep stirring. Keep in mind not to give more water.
When the sugar is melted like a white cream mixed with coffee, stirring it, stirring the water, heat the water in separate containers and milk it as much. And heated
Pour the hot milk of the chicken a little slowly from this time. Seeing the coffee foam is being made. Then tear it well with spoon. To enhance beauty can spread on top of refined coffees or chocolate powders.
Mix the milk at the end of all. And the more coffee and sugar the more time to mix, the more foam will be. And as long as you drink coffee, the foam will remain at the end of the meal.

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