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|| 6 laws of Human Mechanism (Part I: Emotional) 😇 ||

|| 6 laws of Human Mechanism (Part I: Emotional) 😇 ||

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Here, after a short research and deep introspection, I have compiled this blog which will try to convince you to improve on all those 6 aspects of human existence which determines our personality, both from in and out
Here I am discussing on the following 6 aspects:-
  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Social
  • Financial
  • Intellectual
  • Spiritual
Why should you read this?
If you are amongst those individuals who wish to explore the different facets of human existence.
A firm awareness in different dimensions of our necessities.
A bit of inspiration & motivation.
Curiosity to explore beyond your present knowledge.
After reading this article it will provoke you to push some genuine efforts to improve yourself on all the above-mentioned aspects. I would be happy to know if it brings a significant change in your day-to-day life.
In the 1st part of this series we will understand the Emotional aspect Human Mechanism.
If this made you Introspect, do let me know your opinions on the same.


“Negative emotions like loneliness, envy, and guilt have an important role to play in a happy life; they’re big, flashing signs that something needs to change.” ~ Gretchen Rubin
Since my, interests are more inclined to one’s emotional behavior, I would like to mention that from all the above-stated aspects, this is the most important of all. And the fact that it covers a variety of aspects, I am mentioning few most important ones here.
Emotion is a strong feeling deriving from one’s circumstances, mood, or relationships with others. The tridimensional theory of feelings states the following 3 dimension to emotions.
  • Pleasure / Displeasure
  • Relaxation / Tension
  • Excitement / Depression
So all these 3 dimensions have 2 corners, one is positive and the other is negative. It is we who has to choose from both of these corners. From all the experiences I have been through so far, I can firmly suggest that we can actually opt for the positive corner that is the former one, ignoring the latter. I agree to the fact that sometimes it is the situation or a particular instance that makes us choose to be unhappy, but we need to recollect the fact that no-one is forcing us to get depressed, we can ignore that for a while & once everything is set back, enjoy the moment. All I mean is to “Be Proactive”. Stephen covey a renowned author marks this as the 1st habit in his book, “7 habits of highly effective people”.
Example: – Suppose you are at the dinner table having your supper, and unexpectedly the rice you are eating is overcooked and thus it has got no good taste. Some of us may choose to shout at our mum or the chef who prepared the dinner. But if you choose to react softly by not creating a mess and understand this as an exception, it will be highly appreciated by your mum or the person who cooked your meal & this will ultimately strengthen your relationship which is what one seeks for.
How to improve your emotional mechanism?
  1. Avoid being furious.
  2. React softly and talk politely.
  3. Have high self-esteem.
  4. Be socially active to abolish loneliness.
  5. Don’t accept self-criticism & be aware of self-worth.
  6. Be prepared for rejection, so you don’t get hurt.
Whatever problem you are in, you need to work on it instead of sitting in a corner & regretting on what has gone wrong. Perhaps you could use it as an opportunity by sorting it out. For that, you need to update yourself with a more broader meaning of problems.
P urposeful
R oad Blocks
O ffering
B eneficial
L essons to
E nhance
M ankind’s
S trengths
Thus I think this would convince you to work out on your emotional mechanism.
We will discuss the other 5 aspects in the coming days.
Stay Tuned to read more of this flavor of write-up.
Please feel free to share your opinions about this post.
Keep in touch with me @premraval010.
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Love, Regards & Respect for you !!
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I found this guide on internet - Steem Investor Guide: How To Make Money With Steem Power

I found this guide on internet - Steem Investor Guide: How To Make Money With Steem Power

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Steem Investor Guide: How To Make Money With Steem Power
Dear Steem investors, welcome to the Steem blockchain. We are 44 thousand active Steemians who post regularly valuable (and not so valuable content) to this marvelous ecosystem. This entire system depends on the voting power of all Steem holders. However, if you just let your Steem sit on an exchange or as liquid Steem in your Steem wallet then you will not be able to reap the fruits of your investment. This article will show you what to do with your Steem to get the greatest rewards for your money.

Power Up Your Steem

Steem is no simple pump and dump coin. Steem is the biggest social experiment in the history of mankind! It is an opportunity hub that connects people and creates financial stability for its participants and their projects. With the Steem Power that comes from vesting your liquid Steem for at least 13 weeks into the ecosystem thousands of peoples lifes will be changed and you can earn incredible returns for your investment. You will never loose any of Steem Power when you interact with the Steem blockchain mechanics. You will only make more.
To do so send your Steem to your Steemit account. If you haven't created one yet it will take a few days via Steemit or pay 6 Steem for it and get it immediately. Just use the withdraw function of your exchange and enter the name of your account. When it arrives you can go to your wallet and click on your Steem. A dropdown will reveal the Power Up function. You will need your Steemit password or your private Active key which you will find in your wallet under permissions.

1) Curation Rewards

The first big way to earn Steem for investors is by simply upvoting articles on Steemit, Busy, ChainBB, DTube, Utopian, dMania and many more. These are all websites that access the Steem blockchain in a different way. Check them out, they are all great. Find the content you like and upvote it. You will find a voting slider that allows you to control the upvote weight. 100% will be the biggest vote you can make which creates a Steem Dollar amount depending on your Steem Power amount. Find out on SteemWorld how much yours is worth - I bet you are surprised!
When you upvote you will burn 2% of your voting power which will generate in 2.4 hours. That means you can and should use 20% of your voting power every day because that is as much as you regenerate each day in total. That equals 10 full 100% upvotes or many more with smaller percentages. You will earn curation rewards for each upvote depending on many factors. 25% of each post is designated for the curators. You will share that with all others and get more of the pool when you vote early and the post gets plenty of upvotes after you.

2) Curation Trails

If manually curating is too time consuming for you or if you trust the judgement of others better than you might be interested in curation trails. You can use tools like Steemauto to automatically upvote the posts that the leader of a trail you are following is upvoting. This is a popular mechanic on Steem and can be very profitable when you follow someone like @cryptoctopus or use the new 1UP curation system.
This will allow you to create even better curation rewards than doing it manually and just create a nice passive income of new Steem every day for you. All you have to do is collect your payouts and at the same time you can support great curation projects and the people who profit from them.

3) Vote Selling

Yes, that is indeed a thing and people are using this heavily to promote themselves and even make some profit with it. As a stakeholder of Steem Power you can use services like @minnowbooster or @smartsteem to sell your votes to their users. They will automatically send you your payouts and other people can use your upvotes to achieve greater visibility on the Steem community. On top of that you will still earn curation rewards.

4) Delegation Selling

One of the amazing features of being a Steem power holder is delegating your power to others. It allows you to keep your stake but temporarily allow someone else to use it and earn curation rewards instead of yourself. This has become a profitable business for many Steem Power holders and Minnowbooster and Blocktrades offer automated market places for that.
You will never loose any delegated Steem Power and you can always undelegate it again. keep in mind that your Steem Power will take one week before it returns to you from the moment you undelegated it. This helps to avoid gamification with that mechanic. During that time nobody can use your power. A popular field field for delegations are bid-bot holders who sell their votes in public bids several times each day.

5) Delegation Sponsorship

One of the finest way to use your Steem Power is by delegating it to a sponsorship program of one of the new Steem platforms like UtopiandMania or DTube. They will use your Steem power to upvote the contributions to their platforms and help to grow their users. Utopian.io is the leader of this system with nearly 4 million delegated Steem Power and a return of 20% from the contributors posts. Check out this video for further instructions.
In my opinion this is the future of many new platforms based on Steem and you should make plenty of use of this opportunity because it will create a massive success for the platforms and that will increase the value of Steem and hence your investment. Utopian.io is creating thousands of new open source contributions each week and has become indeed a utopia for many content creators like myself.

6) Self Upvoting

It is your stake and you can do whatever you want with it. That includes self-upvoting as well. If you post your own proper articles and upvote them that is no problem. But don't be fooled into easy Steem by upvoting your own spam posts and comments: You will trigger the massive wrath of other stakeholders and they will flag you and take away all your upvotes effectively annulating your used voting power which will result in massive opportunity costs. So don't do it more than you give back in form of good content. It is also not good for the growth of the Steem blockchain if you just use your voting power on yourself and hence not in your own best interest.


The chances to make massive return of investments with Steem are hidden in Steem Power. Trust into the cryptocurrency you have acquired and use its power to earn more Steem by fueling the ecosystem with your upvote power and help to build the future of financial rewards, social media and decentralized information. There is money everywhere. Power up and get your share of it!
this is not mine, i found it on internet and i liked to share it with you

Bitcoin begins to move north : 4 steps to reach USD 18500 again

Bitcoin begins to move north : 4 steps to reach USD 18500 again

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Top Reasons for the breakup

Top Reasons for the breakup

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These are the reasons for the breakup

The sooner you become friends with someone, the sooner the breakup becomes. Now you must be wondering why we are saying this. We are saying this because it is necessary for friendship or for love, to get thoughts, believe, not to lower, to doubt, to relate to one another, etc. If this does not happen in any relationship then the age of that relationship is not too long. Because if there is no trust in each other then there is a quarrel with small things, and if one does not give each other a favor, then they always try to humiliate each other. Because of this, only a few days of breakup comes. Apart from this, there are many other reasons for which breakup can be done let us know what other reasons for the breakup of the extension can be.
Reasons for Breakup: -

1.) Lack of confidence: -

The foundation of any relationship lies in trust when one partner tries to deceive others, or tries to cheat others. And if the other partner knows this, then that relationship never stays in such a way, but it breaks.

2.) Trying to humiliate each other: -

In the relationship of love, everybody is equal, but if there is a friendship in love or love, neither any partner or both always try to humiliate each other. So the age of such a relationship is not long anymore and in a few days the breakup takes place.

3.) Do not respect: -

Many times in a joke, many times deliberately, in front of people, if a partner does not resonate another. Or tries to make fun of him, then even in such situations, the relationship breaks down, because respecting one another in a relationship, and reassigning each other is very important.

4.) Not to be confused: -

If there is no thinking in the relationship with anybody, it is always common to be confrontational. And this happens especially when both partners do not want to understand each other's thoughts. Because if they try to understand each other's thinking then their relationship will help them to get better. But instead of always understanding each other, they always keep confronting it, it is a common practice to have a backup.

5.) I and you keep thinking like: -

If you come to think of any relationship, and if you think like you then it is normal for you to have distances in relationships. Because the relationships go ahead only where I am not you but we are. That is why the reason for breakup is to think only about yourself and you do not even think about the other partner.

6.) Due to budget deterioration: -

If girlfriends are too demanding, then the budget starts to deteriorate. And if the budget gets deteriorated, it is also a common practice to get sour taste in the relationship. Many times both boys and girls use each other for the benefit and the benefit of life stops. So in the relationship, they do not enjoy them, due to which the battle increases and the talk reaches the breakup.

7.) Not giving time: -

To strengthen any relationship it is necessary to spend enough time with each other, but if a partner does not give that time to their relationship. Therefore, there is a problem in understanding each other and gradually the attraction of each other starts decreasing, due to which discord in the relationship is common practice. And many times this thing also reaches the breakup even for this reason.

8.) Taunt: -

Many times, partners start taunting each other to seduce one another. But do you know that when there is more tension of love, it can also cause your breakup. Because sometimes, something that comes out of your mouth which should not have been left out, can also cause a fight between you. Due to the increase of several times it takes the form of a breakup.
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Bitcoin is facing strong real fucking resistant to downward : when will btc go north ?

Bitcoin is facing strong real fucking resistant to downward : when will btc go north ?

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Bitcoin again is facing strong support level testing it for the 6th time in december
The surprise is that, when you are celebrating the new year eve, it jumps to 18500 or it falls down to 5000
who will cry and who will fly ????????
this is the question!!
in all cases ..... BTC FUCK YOU

Bitcoin is again fucking all small investors while big gurus are harvesting profits

Bitcoin is again fucking all small investors while big gurus are harvesting profits

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Bitcoin - fuck you

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Another trophy in Ronaldo's showcase

Another trophy in Ronaldo's showcase

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source: Prothom alo
Cristiano Ronaldo's total trophic count, according to the national team, club and personal achievements? The exact account of himself is not near Ronaldo! But by giving showcases that there are still plenty of places left in the showcase of the trophy, did the real star give more awards? Ronaldo made himself co-star with Real As well as achieving success with his team, Ronaldo also aims to make Real Rewards bogladaba with the real win. A trophy was added to the Globe Soccer Awards in Dubai by the Portuguese captain Showcase yesterday. Player of the Year award. He won the third year Player of the Year award in 2017.
Sonja Sohaga for Real and Ronaldo for the year 2017 The five-five trophy wins the Real Champions League, La Liga, UEFA Super Cup, FIFA Club World Cup and Super Copa de Espana. Ronaldo did not miss this year's individual prize - FIFA "The Best Award", Ballon d'Or and Globe "Best Player" Interestingly, all the prizes won the second win. In all, it was his fourth player of the year's trophy in the tournament.
Dubai's night was literally the real, Ronaldo and Zinedine Zidane. Real Awards showcasing the best team of the year at the Globe Awards. Coach Zidane has received the Best Coach Award. Ronaldo was not in Dubai. Zidane has been rewarded as a real agent Ronaldo understood his trophy from former player Alessandro del Piero on video link.
Del Piero asked him to have fun, did he have enough space to get so much reward? Ronaldo replied, 'Do not worry, friends, there are lots of places. It is a special moment for me, it is good to get the award. Thanks to coaches, teammates and Real Madrid. Thanks to those who have voted, they will do the next year. "

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the song and the film
Modern Talking style 80s - Magic Babe Race. Extreme Love win truck crazy driver mix

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Travel to Bhangarh fort of fear and panic - what is there actually?

Bhangarh fort of fear and panic - what is there actually?

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nhqr9Aahhedsi.jpgimage source
The Bhangarh Fort in the Albar district of Rajasthan is one of the most dangerous places on the continent of Asia. No one is allowed to stay inside the fort after 6pm - this is the government order. So from around 5:30 in the morning, the security personnel started throwing out the tourist from the fort - so that no one could stay there after the appointed time. It is said that in deep night, there are many supernatural incidents involving dancers, ghost ghats, which are impossible for the common man to endure.

Bhangarh Fort is considered as one of the top ten haunted places in the world. It is known that some of the daredevils have tried to enter the darkness of the night. But the result was not good. Likewise, two local daredevils entered the inside of the fort after the evening approached. But they did not return. It can not be confirmed whether he died. They just never saw them anymore.
After a while, another group goes there. The group of three people went through the fire after the evening to get the experience of ghosts and went into the castle. One friend wanted to spend the whole night there. His companions prohibited But it is impossible to know how brave people are. He stayed inside and waited for his friend and car driver in the car outside the fort. The next day, when others go to the tower that friend was found halfdead situation.Rescue him when quickly taken to the hospital, the car suddenly got accident victim died with two friends and car driver. Thus the scary stories of the fort spread around. Day by day with is to add more fabulous a lot of the story.
Historically, Vangarh was once a prosperous city. This city gets annihilated only for a tantric misdeed, because this concept is popular. According to historical data- In 1573, Lord King Bhagwan Das of Mango State established this city for his youngest son, Madho Singh. The next three inferior men ruled this town.

The height of the door of Bhangarh Fort is about 30 feet. Enclosed garden in front In the garden there are fragrances of flowers all the time. Praful drought does not dry any flower in the garden - Emin Trust locals. This is a mystery! You can see the reservoir in front of the garden. In the local language it is called 'bauli'. Many people have heard the sound of the anecdotes from this part of Bauli. Although no sound of the call can be heard from outside.
Archaeological section warning for local language tourists; First of all - there is prohibition before and after sunset
However, the nomadic ecologists visited the city and examined its various aspects and gave it a view that the abandoned city has a large number of Bat and Cockroach habitats. Because of their movement at night, there is a sound like heavy anklet that is echoed on the walls and elsewhere in the building, and sound like What is the history of Vangarh and what really happened there and now why this is its logical reason that it is like a peasant.
image source

Another thing before finishing. The authorities did not finish the act just before the sunset, leaving the tourists out. The scary story surrounding the place has become so difficult that the Archeological Survey of India authorities have strictly prohibited entry before sunset and before sunrise.

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If i can do it, anyone can!

If i can do it, anyone can!

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I live a great life! Im not bragging by any means, I am actually rejoicing! I love my life! Its an odd thing to say, probably as odd as it is to hear. People don't celebrate life like they use to. I think that is kinda sad and would love to see that change.
My life has not always been this good, infact it was filled with all kinds of negative sh*t. I dont want to bore u with my sob story but i want you to hear a few things so you realize everyone goes through rough times and anyonecan rise above their trials to be great!

Hard knock school of life

I hung around with the wrong crowd in highschool which landed me in court and handcuffs quite often to say the least. After a defered sentence on a felony at age 20 i had the choice to go to prison or to the military (cuz 911 just happened and they needed soldiers) so i chose the army. I ended up going to war two different times, both in a combat unit where I lost 9 friends and 4 more to suicide since we came home. We got blown up, shot at, and every terrible thing u could imagine including lots of death. I deal with ptsd and other ailments that serve as a daily reminder of my time in iraq.
After the military i became an addict, like many other veterans do. Of what u ask? Pretty much name it. Alcohol and opioids were my choice but anything worked. During that period of addiction i also earned myself another felony for cultivation and I lost a gf of 7 years to an overdose. After all of that i ended up broke and had to move back in with my parents at age 31 to restart my life. My life was less than desirable to say the least.
I finally realized that i was my own worse enemy and started to change my life for the better, i sobered up and got a job. I bought my own house then remodeled it. Life was alright, but it just wasn't me. Eventually i got tired of the rat race and ended up back at the bar doing and selling drugs once again.
Humans (myself included) are terrible creatures of habit, it is so easy to fall back into the life that you once knew so well. The easy life, filled with drugs, alcohol and no responsibility at all.
Eventually i was fed up with that scene too, i lived in a small town at that time and the fun died fast there. I knew i needed a change but didnt know what. I felt lost and empty and my ptsd was out of control and i just couldnt imagine continuing to exist in this manner for the rest of my life.

i needed a change

I didn't know what but I knew the life i had been living up until this point was definitely not the one I wanted. So i changed everything I had control over, from the minute i woke up until the minute i went to bed. Control was the only thing I had in my life so I utilized it.

healthy lifestyle

Up until this point I ate mostly meat and fast food. NO vegetables! seriously. I decided no more fast food ever again and only organic food from then on. Your body is a temple, if u want to feel great you have to feed your body healthy food. You wouldnt believe how amazing you feel when u stop putting garbage food in your body! Yes vegetables suck, but feeling like a super hero is worth eating broccoli and other greens more often.

you just want to do more

After you start eating healthy you will have so much more energy, you will feel like you have to do something, I started walking daily! Shortly there after it was two walks a day because I felt so damn good.
Next i started working out, not because i had to, because for the first time in my life I wanted to take care of my body and it just seemed like the right thing to do so i did it on auto pilot. My mind knew excercise would make it perform better. I started small 15mins every other day, just some calestedics now its up to an hour 5 -6 times a week, cuz i feel off my game with out it now.
dreams and goals
After my body was feeling good i was finally ready to work on my life. I listened to many motivational speeches and realized i had complete control of my life. So i took responsibility of my life and decided no more excuses. I took ownership of my life and decided what my dreams were. I made goals, daily goals, weekly goals monthly goals and yearly goals. I worked towards those goals every day and now, after so much work, my life is absolutely amazing!
We are about to embark on a year long journey of traveling the world! We just booked our first 90 days out of this ocuntry on vacation and i have never been so excited about anything in my life!
So just remember, if ur life sucks you are the only one who can change it. It won't be easy and it prolly won't be quick, but I promise you that it is absolutely possible if you want it bad enough. Listen, if a felon, drug addict, alcoholic disabled veteran with extremely bad ptsd and teribble depression can do it, than anyone can! Just start today.
you don't have to be great to start, but you have to be start to be great!
"Peace, love and all that hippie shit"