Sunday, 19 November 2017

My First Post: Why am I reposting again?

Why am I reposting again?

I had written many blogs and posted many articles through weebly free sites, and the most blog had real organic traffic was called daily living tips by samer.

However, I did not add many ads to the blog at that time and the traffic was good compared for a person who is writing only TIPS.

Then on yesterday, I was not happy of the site and unlucky i had deleted all of my 10 free websites.
While doing this, I was sad That I am deleting these good sites as I need to have extra income and after one complete year, the ads were being blocked by Google from my websites and YouTube as they sent to me a pin code letter to authorize my payments, and as I did not get this letter, my websites were being dead without any ads and even the contents of these websites are great because on daily basis I was getting 15 to 20 unique visitors and many positive comments were there. I had to close them all and to delete them all and to Begin from square one because simply the ads companies do not accept to add ads on Google blocked ads sites.

So, after searching the internet and i found good ads provider replacing Google AdSense, I was testing his ads to be monetized with my new sites and here I am again, ready to begin posting better subjects and more tips for better living aspects... are not we all need some extra cash?

To begin with, here is a lovely music collection I found it in the YouTube and it is not mine but I wanted to share it here to begin   NEW blog with something sweet and the best thing is music...

And on each post here, I will add a music film from YouTube to enjoy.

ALSO I will keep adding special offers in my posts collected from ads companies for sharing.

Enjoy the music and we will begin posting together to increase our awareness to make our community better.

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