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Intimate revelations of stars

Intimate revelations of stars

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As a rule, celebrities try to keep their private life secret, so it's rather difficult to find out the juicy details about famous personalities. However, some stars do not hesitate to share their intimate preferences with the public.
Kate Hudson
How the actress shares, in her life, sexual energy plays an important role. In addition, the celebrity often talked about sex with her parents, and could consult with her mother on some issues. At the same time, Hudson added that she prefers to be given only to someone she is in love with.
Kim Cattrall
The star of the series "Sex and the City" is a bit like your screen heroine, because in the intimate terms she considers herself to be quite liberated. Most importantly, the actress is convinced, it is to love yourself, which she had to learn for a long time. So, sometimes she even bare herself in front of the mirror, studying her body and trying to understand him.
Robert Downey Jr. The
Star of the "Iron Man" once told reporters that at a younger age he was too addicted to self-gratification. Masturbating actor could in the most unexpected circumstances, and did it very often.
The rap singer somehow shared the reasons why he decided to give up promiscuity. At some point in his career, he found a woman in every city where he went on tour, but after an orgasm he felt exhausted, and wished that next to him was someone with whom he did not even want to talk.
Eva Mendes The
actress shared with the press that she was helped by the journey to gain new sensations in sex.
In the more recent years, the celebrity managed to surrender to passion in almost every state in the United States, but, the star suggests, perhaps the whole thing was in the fresh air.
Jennifer Lawrence
A young actress in her life does not look like a modest girl and has the glory of a brawler, but admits she is embarrassed by the frank scenes on the screen. In particular, during the participation in the film "Passengers" her partner in the set was Chris Pratt, and she was embarrassed to kiss a married man.
Lady Gaga
On the stage, this star behaves shockingly and uninhibitedly, and it seems that nothing is able to embarrass her. She confessed that she once managed to have sex right in the back seat of a taxi, and she liked this experience. The singer is sure that good sex should be spontaneous.
Christian Bale
A famous actor, impressed by his transformations for the sake of the role, admits that he does not like pretense in girls, preferring naturalness.
In his opinion, there is nothing less attractive than a woman who makes a lot of effort to seem sexy.
Amy Schumer
Comedian and movie actress, like some of her colleagues, on the screen does not seem constrained during the frank scenes. However, in real life, Amy Schumer has its limitations in intimacy, for example, before closeness she always turns off the light in her bedroom.

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