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Life's little secret

Life's little secret

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Over the past year I have been on a journey to find true happiness and I've learned some pretty cool things about life along the way. I didn't know where to start this journey or how to get where I wanted to go, but damnit I was determined to do it! I knew if I just kept moving forward everyday, bettering myself constantly, the future me would be a much happier person.
When you start trying to find happiness and begin chasing your dreams your whole life will change for the better. Yes, it will be hard and there will be many days when you want to give up because it is hard to go against the norm. But trust me when I tell you the rewards far outweigh any potential negatives. Not only can your dreams come true, but you also will find your passion in life and that is what will make you truly happy... but that's only if you follow what you love.
Someone once said to me:
you can fail at what you don't want, so you might as well try at something you do want.
What I think he meant was, yes I can stay in this "secure" job that has benefits but whose not to say that one day I won't get fired or the company doesn't go out of business or a natural disaster or whatever unforeseen event occurs. You can't control the outcome of life, so you might as well try doing what you love and just enjoy the ride. That way if you fail, at least it was at something you felt was worth trying.
Truest advice I could ever give you is once you find your passion in life, master it. Don't ever worry about the money, I promise you that it will come if you master your passion. So stop worrying about what any job pays and start worrying about what makes you happy, because life will pay you if you find your happiness.
There are many old quotes that people don't realize are totally true about life. These little secrets are all around you, you just have to pay closer attention to what is being said. I am sure most of you have heard atleast some of these sayings:
Life doesn't really happen to you, life happens for you.
If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand.
If you learn to change how you see your life, your life will change.
Ask and you shall receive.
These quotes and so many more like it are everywhere. But for some reason people have stopped paying attention to them?
What I'm trying to say is there are signs everywhere around you, pointing you towards happiness if you just take the time to see them. Think outside the box if you want to find happiness. It is not going to be easy, there is no prescription drug to get there. You are going to have to work at it, like a muscle, everyday. Truth is most people who try to give you advice on happiness aren't even happy themselves, to me that seems like the wrong person to get advice from.
Im not saying I know much but the secret I have found to life is Everything good in life is free! That's it, that's the secret!
I know this sounds tacky but it is so true it is ridiculous. Laughter, love, happiness, joy, family, friends, relationships and beauty are all free. We don't need to buy all this extra stuff we have these days, we just need to appreciate what we already have more. Things don't equal happiness!
The entire beauty of this world surrounds us. Do yourself a favor and take the time to stop and look around one day, actually appreciate the magnificence of nature. The sunrise and sunset, the mountains, the forests, and the oceans are always truly amazing to enjoy, the beauty of this world is everywhere! And guess what, it's all free!
Have you ever listened to older generations talk about life? If you do you'll realize that they rarely talk about the size of their homes, the cars they have owned or the money they have made throughout life. No, they always seem to talk about family, friends, life experiences and love. All of which are free! They have all been through the same journey that we are on and have learned one of the best secrets to life without most of them even realizing it: the greatest parts of life are always free! We humans have just made life so confusing we have forgotten that.
So stop worrying about the Mercedes and mansions and just worrying about smiling and being happy, because the truly important things in life are Free!
"Peace, love and all that hippie shit"

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