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What is the meaning of dialogue?

What is the meaning of dialogue?

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What is the meaning of dialogue?
Let us speak, give me your opinion and take a view to eagle together in Troy and take me to your words to your mind we exchange views on the subject to be in a conscious dialogue. Our dialogue is the weapon of our victory, what is the meaning of the dialogue and its concept, what are its etiquette and its types. Meaning of Dialogue: An exchange of views between a number of people (two or more persons) on a common cause in an attempt to find common thought. And to take the talk of the dialogue name must be a collection of things such as taking each of the interlocutors the opportunity to express their views on the issue without prejudice to any of the people who speak or intolerance to the opinion without the other and to be effective dialogue must be reached by talking to the status required and find Solutions to the issue are agreed upon by all interlocutors.
discussion polite :

1- The dialogue should be effective: there is no basis for a dialogue on the basis of a mistake. For the dialogue to be effective, the objective of the dialogue must be objectively related to the topic of discussion, and each of them aims to examine the opinion presented rather than the speaker.
2 - The availability of knowledge in the axes: - The speaker must be aware of what is going on in the debate, so it is a culture that allows him to form an opinion to talk to others on the basis of knowledge and not be a speech of fiction and controversy is useless but to waste time.
3 - The credibility of the dialogue: - That both individuals enjoy the truth in the talk and applies to the sincerity of the evidence in support of both views, and mutual honesty in the dialogue makes the dialogue effective and useful, and allows each to take the opinion of the other based on evidence from both sides.
4 - Patience and the capacity of the chest: - The interlocutor needs to hear different opinions and listen to different speakers, whether they are supporters or opponents, and not easy or easy, it requires patience and patience to accept the views discussed and discussed.
5 - Mercy, respect and humility: - In order to be a successful interlocutor and a dialogue to a solution must be merciful to his interlocutors, especially since he was more knowledgeable. And to respect the opinion of the other and to consider it from ignorance, we should not prepare for the interlocutors their mistakes, but we must guide dialogue to the right opinion. Modesty is a necessary attribute in the successful dialogue and effective dialogue, so it became clear in the opinion of what should be the owner without acknowledgment or controversy.
Our dialogue is a lifeline for us, and the most difficult thing is how to start dialogue and that is by returning the interlocutors to the common points and focusing on the points of communication and not separation, and trying to narrow each other's lines of difference and rely on authentic evidence substantively confirmed.

By Rawan Aouni

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