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Robots to fight in the war zone.

Robots to fight in the war zone.

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Artificial intelligence like Robot Sophia or Ai is now the center of the whole world's interest in technology. If the robot is really like a human, what will happen? Will they become a threat to humans? Or will the helpless surrender near the reign of robot 'Ashraful Maalhalakat'
In the future, people are asked to do the robots with the most 'robot use in battlefield'. Besides, research, space exploration, rescue operations are also coming.
There is no doubt that robots will occupy the "big place" in the human life. In the future robots will do the following for the people.

Robots to fight for human race
Over the years, robotic science has evolved as a separate branch of science for the untiring efforts of scientists. Today people are using robots in various complex tasks.
'The robot revolution will happen in 2020' The old concept of scientists is going to be true now. America already completed a successful test of such a robot named 'Pravator'. America is also using another 'Robot Aircraft' called 'Global Haq' in the battle for Afghanistan and Iraq. These robots can fly high enough to take pictures of the enemy's side.
US forces used the first military robot to remove the mine. Then in the war the robot army will fight for the people. People can take power using them from a distance.

The use of robots to disable the bomb in battlefield is now a common case
Robots to verify the truth:

Humanitarian feelings sometimes interfere with the investigating officers while interrogating witnesses to know the correct information of crime. In this case, a number of US researchers have been successful in using robots for experiments. The researchers from the Mississippi State University of the country show 100 people 'eyewitnesses' a thief on the mechanical screen. In connection with the theft of money and calculator equipment, they were divided into four groups and interrogated. A special robot is used as well as a man in question. The 'witnesses' were also questioned about various issues in the film. As a result, they were 40 percent behind the question of questioner while considering the actual incident. But when the robot examines, the correct answer rate is higher.

Robot will identify criminals by appearance
Robot will do all the complex surgery:

From a long time, scientists were thinking of doing important work with robots. Complex surgery such as head replacements will be done through robots. In the meantime, medical scientists in Ireland have created a storm of global interaction with successful robotic surgery. As a part of the continuous increase in the use of robots in various areas of the society, the medical robot has just arrived. Starting from the operation of the patient with cancer, very little operation will be done by the robots.

Without the touch of hands now, the operation with the help of a robot
Robot in space research:

We are optimistic about the various possibilities of robots. Robots are people's innovators and executives of multiple plans. However, the issues are still in short range. Robot's new information has been discussed in the past few days by scientists and scientists of the world. That is the use of space robots. Explaining a robot in space, Russian scientists recently said that they have created a special type of Android robot. Which will play chess and different types of games with astronauts.
Android Robots is a rare innovation by scientists seeing. The robot operator will be able to duplicate the robot operator on the other side of the world. If the man hands, the robot will also lift, if the operator starts writing with a pen, the robot will do the same. Automatically, the robot will automatically work according to the instructions contained in his program.

Successful missions will be possible in all non-existent stars in millions of light years away
Robot teaching:991cfc5ddc48cb8e2ed01d3ccb6b3d7a.png

Recently, since November last year, the use of robots was started in South Korea. The idea of ​​teaching students through robots gained quite popular among students. This news was published from the results of the survey conducted among the students. South Korean three provincial schools.

Robot in industrial factory:
Modern technologies and robots are being used to increase the production in different countries of the world long ago. As a result, the institutions are fast growing and can compete with other established organizations. Currently, construction and welding of car structures using robots in China's Great Wall Motorcycles factory are being done. As a result, the cost of cutting labor costs is also reduced. The Great Wall in China is a private car accessories company. About half a million people have been employed in this institution.
Robots make up 90 percent of the cars.

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