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Perfect recipe for making delicious chocolate cakes

Perfect recipe for making delicious chocolate cakes

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Flour 1-1 / 2 cups,
1 cup of oil,
Eggs 4,
1 cup of sugar,
Baking powder 1 teaspoon,
Cocoa powder half cup,
Vanenila Essence 1 teaspoon,
Chocolate acnes Half tea spoon,
Milk half cup (light hot).
  • Separate the egg yolk separately from the white part to be bitten first. You have to give a pair of kusum in the form of fat foam.
Then add sugar to a little bit. When the sugar melts completely, it will be mixed with vanene acnes, chocolate, acnes and oil.
  • Now the dry equipment will have to be chewed. Then mix the egg in a little bit, do not mix the beta.
When everything is mixed, then mix milk with half cup milk and mix it slowly.
  • The oven will be pre-hitting at 15 minutes 200 degree temperature. Then it will be 180 minutes to 15 minutes bake. After 15 minutes, check with a stick. If not, then there will be some more time to drop in the oven.
After cooling 10 minutes, cool down the cake from the mold and serve with the butter cream as desired as desired. This is a great fun chocolate cake.
How to make butter cream
Butter 200 grams
Icing Sugar
Two tablespoons of milk
Vanenila Essence 1 spoon
Butter is to be taken by the room tempter. Then there will be a bit of speed in the speed. The butterfly will need to bite until swollen whole foam.
Then one spoon of milk and a half-cup of egg-sugar half cup. After 4-5 minutes, the rest of the milk and egg sugar and 1 teaspoon vanenila must be bits with the essence. It will be made of your butter cream.
If you want to make a chocolate cream, then half teaspoon chocolate acne and cooking chocolate will be 1/3 pressure.

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