Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Trial and Error

Trial and Error

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Life has so many twists and turns. Obstacles and hardships seem to have no end. Every person just carries his own burden. And we’re not certain of the alternatives that we think of but we just need to try them.
Even in a mathematical formula (as what I learned from my Algebra teacher), there’s no sure way of arriving to a correct equation though there are lots of means but we must do also the trying and erring which has full of so many probabilities that we can’t find the right answer easily.
Actually, in reality this principle is more applicable because no mathematical equation can solve certain problems that hasn’t been experimented yet i.e. heartbreaks, family matters, financial problems. True is the saying “try and try until you succeed.” Though there are unlimited ways of how to solve a dilemma, the answers might also be unlimited as well. Who knows?
Just to share, it’s really tiring to think on how to get through a certain problem because when I think of one, there comes another one that adds to the holler in my mind. I’ve been tired of trying if this thing works or if that helps. I don’t know. I just don’t. Maybe it’s human nature to stop for a while and rest in all of our stresses. But who wants to lengthen his constant worry when we have the option to resolve such. We just have to try and do what we think are the best way out no matter how many times we fall. Either way, rising from our defeat is greater than to remain on the ground doing nothing.
To some people, spending hours pursuing for something we’re not sure of is very frustrating. Yes, that’s partly correct. But the other part says, we must try out new things so that we will not stock inside our shelves. Trying new things out, although it will never be left of its consequences, whether it is constructive or destructive, will always allow us to learn new things. Moreover, the errors we commit are the things that will more lead us to open the door to positive changes.

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