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If you are a fan of Hindi cinema, then you will have to visit these locations

If you are a fan of Hindi cinema, then you will have to visit these locations

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There are hundreds of differences between Bollywood and Real in Bollywood. Bollywood directors excite the traditional fantasy movie screen Kalpana also seems to be true. The mind starts to see their dreams Thus, in the era of the era of Bollywood cinemapremi kings in mind. Since the 1970s, Bollywood has started shooting in all the extraordinary locations. So Bollywood means to remember all the outstanding people of the country and abroad. If you are a Bollywood movie fan then you can definitely visit these ten places.
Pangong Lake
In the last scene of the three Idiots film, Kareena Kapoor came to know her own love for a man by wearing a bike and found a friend of her love, Amir Khan alias Fungsek Wangru, on the side of Pangaung Lake. The scenery of the movie was as beautiful as it was from the beautiful nature of the surroundings. It seemed as if shooting in heaven. If you can reach here, you will feel like doing something in life.
Here is the paradise of the earth. Beginning in the decade of the decade, Kashmir is seen in thousands of Bollywood movies today. The beauty here can not be expressed in the language. Bollywood loves Kashmir as well, so if you love Bollywood movies you will also love Kashmir.
ROTAT pass
Many people visit the Rotang Pass in Himachal Pradesh every year. This place has also been shown in many films. Those who have not yet gone, do not forget to come around.
Mow grass
One of the most successful movies of Bollywood, Dilawani Le Jayenge, was shot in a scene of the Saras. Since then, it is one of the most popular Destination. You can see many places in Punjab. What is the loss of one's chest by eating a pistachios with his loved ones?
Marine Drive
Mumbai's most preferred place. Marine Drive has been shown in the film. You can not even see that. In the afternoon of the fall, the odds of sitting in front of the Marine Drive are different.
India Gate
This India Gate is one of the most visited destinations in Delhi. India Gate has been shown in multiple Bollywood movies and commercials. This architectural architecture is one of the most spectacular places in India.
Kerala's Munnar will be in the top of the most romantic destination. Romantic scenes of multiple Bollywood movies have been shot here. It's about to go to Munna so Bollywood loves movies.
Udaipur Palace
Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani has started shooting movies like Ram-Leela and this movie is on the palace. This palace of Rajasthan can feel the royal feeling.
Aguada Fort
In addition to the popular scenes of Dil Chahta Hai Cinema, in the movies like Dhoom, Rangilara, Goa is seen in the location of the Aguada Fort. It is one of the iconic locations in Hindi cinema.
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