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Neem leaves

Neem leaves

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Neem leaves are known to almost everyone. Especially in village-bangla nim trees are seen. Neem leaves are often used in herbal remedies.
There is a saying in our country: "A doctor lives in the house where there is nim tree."
Known as the nitrogen, tree leaves, roots, bamboo and bark medicinal materials worldwide. In the present world, Neem has the ability to use it as an antiseptic. As neem depleter, as bacterial inhibitors, as antioxidants, insect-destruction of plants, control of chagas prevention, malaria remedies, toothache treatment and reduce fever, are used in birth control.
Neem originates in tropical India and Southeast Asia and West Africa.nim-phool-620x330.jpg
It has been used for the life-long treatment of the sub-continent for more than 4 thousand years. However, there is a great deal of usage in Ruppanchaya. Being fascinated by the quality of the Nimparara, Westerners are now leaning on herbal and Ayurvedic treatment.Herb-Neem-Leaves-Neem-651913.jpg
Bamboo and roots of submarine are medicinal qualities. Nimapata can prevent bacteria. Numapata is very useful in preventing skin infections, and also to prevent bronchitis, itching and allergies. Besides, there are many advantages of using pain in body pain, cramps, burns, earache, sprain, headache, nipple in reducing fever. Let's know about the wonderful qualities and benefits of nimapata.
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AIDS shakes from fear of neem tree '- Yes, reading the right way, Nem leaves help a lot to kill AIDS virus.
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